• Reflecting the Values of Class Members in Scala

    In this article, I will explore how to get the value of vals, vars and methods with no arguments using reflection. I’ll present three solutions for this problem: using Java reflection, using Scala reflection and using Scala macros (compile-time reflection).

  • Understanding the Technical Debt Metaphor

    It is not easy to explain to non-technical people why design is important. They want to see the features implemented while minimizing the amount of time and money allocated for building the system. Technical debt is a useful concept in these situations as it is easy to understand by both technical and non-technical persons. In this article I will explain what technical debt is, when it is wise to incur technical debt and I will present a few strategies for managing and reducing it.

  • Thoughts on Software Development

    Software use is growing at an explosive rate. In the latest years it reached peaks that couldn’t be imagined 20 years ago. Now it is present basically everywhere. Still there a lot of things to be improved in the way we approach software projects. It is time to let go to habits that are standing in our way of reaching our best.

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